Friday, August 13, 2010

A Bad Omen?

Yeah, it's early.  And yeah, Pitt's defense is probably better than Utah's.  But this nugget at the very least gave me flashbacks to the '05 Fiesta Bowl:
The offense overwhelmed the defense in the first Ute scrimmage of fall camp Thursday morning.
One defensive coach was overheard late in the two-hour scrimmage to lament, "touchdown after touchdown after touchdown.''

He was right as the offense scored nine touchdowns in a variety of ways, the majority coming on red zone and two-minute drills.

Both quarterbacks played well, as Jordan Wynn completed 14 of 20 passes for 160 yards, while Terrance Cain, last year's starter for eight games, was 14 of 16 for 184 yards. Both QBs threw two touchdown passes and Griff Robles added a TD pass, while completing 3 of 5 passes.
At the very least, I'm curious.  Pitt in a hostile environment with a somewhat shaky secondary against a passing team. The flip side is that maybe their defense is just bad. Usually at this early point in camp, the defense is ahead of the offense, so this is a little surprising to me.


  1. This is scary...if it does become a shoot out... is our QB up for it ? I hope our D really shows up.

  2. I'm not sure he is, to be honest. I do like and have faith in Sunseri, but asking a first-year QB to march up and down the field in a hostile environment is a bit much to ask. He's got some great weapons, but I think he'll make some mistakes as well.

    If it's not a shootout, Pitt can win. If it is, stay tuned.