Monday, July 19, 2010

Jabaal Sheard Does His Best Gilbert Brown Imitation

The only thing that may potentially derail Pitt's chances of having a great season is Pitt itself. Pitt does a fairly good job of staying out of trouble, but like any other school, problems do surface.

One such issue surfaced over the weekend when Jabaal Sheard was arrested and consequently suspended from team activities.

Of course the issue apparently happened after midnight. Say it with me - nothing good can come out of being in bars past midnight. There won't be a preliminary hearing until July 28th, so there likely won't be any kind of immediate decision (at least a good news type decision) anytime soon.

The good news, obviously, is that the season has not yet begun. But with camp coming up soon, it would be nice for him to get back to the team as quickly as possible. Facing Utah, Pitt doesn't exactly have a walkover opponent in its opener.


  1. With this behavior he could cost himself big bucks on his initial pro contract if he goes to the NFL.

    Just foolish, hopefully he learns.

  2. Yeah, the encouraging (slightly encouraging) thing is I think this is his first offense. But the description sounded terrible - not letting the guy up, etc. Sounds like it could be bad and I wouldn't be surprised if a suspension didn't come out of it.

  3. Anson - it isn't his first offense. He was cited for underage drinking (along with Mo Williams) in January of 2008. While that may seem minor you can bet that it'll come into play when the administration and DW decide on Sheard's discipline - as it should.

    He burned his first chance in 2008 and now blew his second chance... I can't recall an instance where DW has given kid's a third chance. I hope he's on the roster this season and think he will be but who knows - DW has had a quick trigger IMO.

  4. No, I don't consider underage drinking a major offense, but you're correct when you say it will likely come into play as Wannstedt is indeed pretty strict.

    Regarding the third chance thing, I'd have to do some digging, but I think Elijah Fields may have had more than two chances. I remember him being suspended for Spring drills back in 2007 when he was also suspended for the year. Not sure if it was related to the same incident, but he was suspended for part of the Spring, reinstated, then suspended for the following season in 2007 if my memory serves me correctly.

    He then, of course, was given another chance last season when he was finally dismissed.

    I could be wrong, though.

  5. I had read in other sites' comments that he was cold-cocked with a beer bottle; not excusable, but certainly mediating circumstances. I doubt one's ability to recognize the "commands" from an off-duty, plainclothes cop in the moment either.

  6. Someone also mentioned that on the SB Nation Pittsburgh site that I write for, Kyle. If that's the case, I'm with you - getting hit with a beer bottle is a lot different than someone challenging him to a fight or even shoving him. It would also explain why he was so rough with the guy, continuing to fight.