Sunday, March 28, 2010

He's Baaaack

A source of frustration for many Pitt fans in the 1990s, Kevin Willard is now back in the Big East, landing the Seton Hall head coaching gig. He's apparently turned into a pretty good one at Iona:
Willard took over an Iona program that was in the bottom 10 among Division I teams in RPI three years ago and led it to a 21-10 record this season, earning the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference coach of the year award.
Here's hoping RMU coach Mike Rice gets another opportunity down the line somewhere else.


  1. Close. It's Ralph Willard that coached Pitt. Kevin is his son -- also a Pitino protege.

    I mean, unless you consider his play on the Pitt teams in the mid-90s as the main reason for the Panthers' struggles then.

  2. Yeah, was referring to his play, Chas. Particularly because I remember as a student during that era the contentions he was 'stealing' minutes from others because he was the coach's son.

    He didn't get a ton of minutes, but at times when they put him in there, he looked like a deer in headlights.