Friday, March 12, 2010

Big East Blogger Awards

Ken over at the South Florida Bulls blog, Voodoo 5 sent an invite my way to participate in a Big East Blogger Award postseason poll. A dozen bloggers took part in it and you can view the entire results here.

As for my votes, see below:

Player of the Year - Luke Harangody. He only missed six games during the season and check out some of these point/rebound lines from some of his games: 29/11, 32/6, 29/10, 27/11, 31/6, 36/3, 31/9, 37/8, 19/13. Pretty sick. He averaged 23 and 9 during the season and that included a few mediocre games at the end of the season since he's been recovering from his injury.

Luke Harangody
Scottie Reynolds
Jamine Peterson
Wes Johnson
Austin Freeman
Dominique Jones

Jeremy Hazell
Greg Monroe
Jerome Dyson
Lazar Hayward
Tim Abromaitis

Coach of the Year - Jim Boeheim
Freshman of the Year - Lance Stephenson
Most Improved Team - South Florida
Game of the Year - Pitt Vs. WVU, February 12th, 3OTs


  1. Lee

    How about a #4 seed out West?


  2. I was close, they got a very favorable #3!!

  3. I would have agreed with you beforehand thinking that Pitt was going to get a 4-seed. But I thought they deserved the 3. Glad it worked out that way.