Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Curious Case of Chris Burns

Okay, so it's not all that curious. Heck, it's not even all that interesting or unexpected. But I was surprised that the move of Chris Burns to defense only garnered a small mention, buried in the PG's notebook section:

Tailback Chris Burns has moved to defensive back. Burns was the odd man out in the tailback derby as two true freshmen, Dion Lewis and Ray Graham, moved ahead of him on the depth chart. The Panthers also have redshirt sophomore Shariff Harris in the mix so it was clear Burns would not have many opportunities to play at tailback.

True enough, with Lewis and Graham playing well, Burns certainly had his work cut out for him. It was something that, frankly, I hadn't given any thought until I saw it today. But it's just another example of how you've got to be flexible as a college athlete, ready to play elsewhere.


  1. It's also another example of just how damned good Wannstedt is as a recruiter. Sometimes you see a highly rated recruit get 'recruited over' a couple years down the road - but we are seeing it happening by TWO freshman. It's almost an abundance of riches and you end up hoping that one of these kids redshirts down the road to spread out the available talent.

    Then you look at who we have coming in next year in Peeler and Givens (who I really like as a RB) and realize that someone's got to go to other positions.

  2. Reed,

    Curb it until after the NC State game, Pitt has played the little sisters of the poor, the blind buffalo association and the coast guard.

    This game is going to come down to coaching, worried?

    I am and you should be, Wanny can recruit but he still can't coach and make sane game day decisions.

    I hope they win but they are going to have their work cut out for them versus a mediocre NC State team.

  3. Anon- what is it with you that you feel like you have to twist my words or project your slant on every post I make?

    Where in the above do I say anything about either DW's gameday coaching or the NC State game at all?

    ... and then to top it off, you agree with the only point I made in my post regarding DW at all - that he can recruit.


  4. No Reed, you are....

  5. Why do I have a feeling I know you from somewhere else? It's like someone just walked over my grave ... or something.

    34-14 PITT