Friday, September 24, 2010

Well That Wasn't Expected

What a debacle - it's nearly 2:00 a.m. and I'm too tired/old to repost my thoughts on the Miami game.  Check out my post over here at SBNation Pittsburgh in the Pitt/Miami Storystream.


  1. How about this game set the program back because they laid an egg on national tv?

    Pitt should really stick to playing a soft non-conference schedule. I feel we are no better under Wanny than we were with Wlat!

    Wanny had the deer in the headlight look during his halftime interview last night.

    The college game is vastly different from the pro game and Wanny has not changed. They are lucky the Big East is down this year but I still do not see them being better than 7-5!


  2. Anthracite & SoupiesSeptember 24, 2010 at 10:12 AM

    Months and months of bullshit raising expectations about this team, only to have them revealed as the fraud they are. Failure to recruit O-linemen is on the coaching staff, as is the inability to either a)coach the secondary properly or b)recruit a secondary that can cover. against decent programs. The shame This isn't about tweaking things, this is about not having talent sufficient to win is that talented players on this team can't show what they can do.

  3. Anon - I'm with you on the non-con thing. I've beaten this into the ground and have been shouted down by others that insist on Pitt playing tough opponents in the non-conference schedule. This isn't college basketball where there's a tournament - for a team like Pitt, it's essentially one and done. I could see an 8-4 team, but that is looking like it could be a reach.

    Pitt is starting to land better talent, but for the most part, top recruits don't want to play for 9-3 / 8-4 teams. They pay attention to BCS appearances and national championships.

    Last night clearly showed that Pitt has a way to go.

    Also, as mentioned above, Pitt's secondary has been abysmal. Problem is that the secondary coach is Jeff Hafley, who's done an incredible job recruiting. So you clearly can't just let him go. The secondary will be better with some four-star recruits they've landed, but for now, it's really awful.

    Bottom line is that Pitt's talent level has improved, but not to the point of having a national championship-contending team.